25-50mm Cargo Lashing Cam Belt Buckle

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DL04500150110053397450mm CAM BUCKLE
DL04500250136054327350mm CAM BUCKLE
DL0435013870038285938mm CAM BUCKLE
DL0435023870040286238mm CAM BUCKLE
DL0425012568029286425mm CAM BUCKLE
DL0425022568029286125mm CAM BUCKLE
DL0425032580026285725mm CAM BUCKLE
DL0425042550026225225mm CAM BUCKLE
DL0425052535026185025mm CAM BUCKLE
DL0425062545026225025mm CAM BUCKLE
DL0425072545026245225mm CAM BUCKLE
DL0425082525026174425mm CAM BUCKLE
DL0425091910021173419mm CAM BUCKLE

Cam buckle
Cam Buckles is good choice for securing webbing and strapping material. Feed your length of strapping through the teeth of a cam buckle and watch as the gadget takes hold with ease. Cam buckles are a favorite among haulers and industrial workers who need a reliable hold, but also want the versatility of being able to remove the buckles and reposition them as necessary.
We offer 3/4"  , 1" , 1.5" , 2"  cam buckle, but we can also custom the product as per requested.

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