DL0627511 Adjustable Welded Strap Buckle

These buckles, adjusters, loops and metal slides for straps are sure to hold up to even some of the tougher jobs when it comes to keeping your webbing secure. They are as classy as hardware can get. Sleek, smooth, good looking. They add a real touch of class to any product needing slides. Combine slides with almost any buckle, and you get a good marine adjustable strap. Slides are most commonly used as an adjuster on belts, purses, hand bags, backpacks, shoulder straps, etc.

Product Details

Item code: DL0627511

Adjustable welded strap buckle 

Size: 75mm

Breaking strength (kg): 8000

A: 79mm

φ1: 14mm

φ2: 16mm

L: 85mm

W: 108mm


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