25mm Small Tie Down Fitting Lashing S Hooks

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DL10250125600236.81110125mm S HOOK
DL10250225700237.21110225mm S HOOK
DL102503258002281110325mm S HOOK
DL102504258002381110325mm S HOOK
DL1025052510002491511625mm S HOOK
DL102506251200259.51711525mm S HOOK
DL10251125800248128325mm S HOOK
DL1025122512002610138825mm S HOOK
DL102521258002481210925mm SNAP S HOOK
DL102522251200239.51412025mm SNAP S HOOK
DL102523253000239.5139825mm DOUBLE S HOOK
DL1025242527002391211425mm DOUBLE S HOOK

S shape hook , widely used in workshop, office or industry. The hook come with latch keep the sling always stay in the hook
 Exist Size Options: 1”

Material: Carbon steel

Working Strength: depends on different hook diameter, length and angle, break strength is different. B.S. Range from 600kgs to 3000kgs
 More details please have a look at below specification form.

Surface treatment: Zinc coated finish or black electric surging for rust and weather protection

Certification: CE, GS

More important, we are able to custom the hook sharp as per your drawing and demand. We are open to your questions.

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