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Puller-Sling Sling

Mar 23, 2017

Security problem has been is China big small and medium enterprise attention of problem, security topic also has been is China people is concern of, for Qian paragraph time occurred of some special major of security accident, are Shen think cable with of production and using are must strictly according to right of management system, has must of prevention consciousness, following are Shen according to some cable with, and sling with occurred of accident, proposed prevention countermeasures, makes of prevention Yu happens. 1. sling manufacturing must be standard, strengthening using Sling's safety management in enterprises Enterprises should formulate a reasonable and normal sling manufacturing and management systems and to ensure the implementation of strict implementation of the sling with a safety management system, strengthen the sling with safety management, personnel management, the specialist using scrap, targeted store and regular examination, and completes the slings and maintenance work.