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Tensioner prompted slings, rigging tips

Mar 23, 2017

(1) must be a professional factory. According to national standards of production, inspection, certification and maintenance, maintenance manuals.

(2) products are clearly marked with rated lifting weight, number, date of manufacture, production plant.

2, slings, sling load validation

New slings, rigging in no-load operation, test qualified based on the prescribed test load after passing the tests, test methods, can be put to use.

2.1 static load tests:

1) Sling take the rated capacity of 1.25 times

2) rigging take branch single, ultimate load of 1.5 times.

3) test method: test load gradually increased up to 100-200 mm from the ground. Loft time shall not be less than 10 minutes. Repeat the test three times, Visual inspection.

4) determination: If the structure is not cracked, permanent deformation, exception did not occur at the connection is loose or damaged, static loading test.