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Introduction To Ratchet Mechanism

Mar 23, 2017

Ratchet gear is usually a one-way gear, hinged pawl on the rocker, when rocker counterclockwise when swinging, driven pawl ratchet gear is inserted in drive ratchet to rotation when rocker in a clockwise direction, and slip through on the ratchet pawl, Ratchet stop. In order to ensure that the ratchet is not reversed, often installed in the fixed member check pawl. Rocker swung by rocker achieved, gears and swing cylinders, passing small power Sketch of ratchet mechanism Sketch of ratchet mechanism , Also electro-magnet direct-drive pawl. Ratchet angle called turn drive at a time. Motion can be used to change the size of the drive mechanism of the structural parameters or cover tooth cover position to adjust can also be adjusted in the operation. If you want to adjust the point of view of accuracy is higher than that corresponding to a ratchet and pawl ratchet mechanism can be applied.