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Ratchet Buckle

Mar 23, 2017

Intermittent feeding Shaping machines, cutting, Planer requires continuous reciprocating linear motion table for intermittent movement. When crank 1 turns, the rod 2 drive rocker 5 for reciprocating oscillating; rocker 5 equipped with bi-directional ratchet mechanism the pawl 3, Ratchet screw 6 and 4 fixed, pawl drive spine rotation intermittent rotation in one direction, so that the nut (the table) as intermittent feed motion. If you change the swing angle of the drive pawl, you can adjust the feed rate, changing the drive pawl position (after 180 ° around its own axis fixed), you can change the direction of feed motion. Lever control with brake, the brake wheel and the ratchet 2 consolidation, pawl braking on turn 4 3 hinged on a point, around the lever on the wheel 5 Control Strip 6. Brake wheel 4 counterclockwise free rotation, the pawl 3 slide the ratchet teeth, if the wheel turns in the opposite direction, then 4 rounds was braking.