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Ratchet Buckle Stroke And Stop Control

Mar 23, 2017

1) using the ratchet cover By changing the position of the ratchet cover, making some trips along the ratchet pawl slip surface to achieve the ratchet wheel angle adjustment of the size of. 

2) change pendulum swing angle By adjusting the length crank crank-and-rocker mechanism, change the swing angle of the size to achieve the ratchet mechanism rotation angle adjustment of the size of. 

3) using the claw ratchet mechanism To make ratchet turning angles smaller than a tooth at a time when the Center angle γ, can use claw ratchet pawl to m body. N=3 the ratchet mechanism, San pawl in turn stagger γ/3, when the swing angle φ 1 γ≥Ф 1 ≥ γ/3 range changes, San pawl in turn fall into the slot, push ratchet wheel rotation angle φ 2 γ≥Ф 2 ≥ γ/γ/3 integer within the range of 3 times.