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Ratchet Buckle Structure

Mar 23, 2017

Classification of ratchet mechanism according to its structure can be divided into tooth ratchet mechanism and friction ratchet mechanism. Tooth ratchet mechanism is simple in structure, convenient manufacturing; and stopping time than may be achieved through choosing the right drive mechanism. The disadvantage is the motion of the body can only be adjusted; noise, shock and wear larger, it is not appropriate for high speed. Friction type ratchet mechanism Friction type ratchet mechanism Friction type ratchet mechanism is partial in fan-shaped wedges instead of the pawl in the tooth ratchet mechanism, to replace ratchet tooth friction-free. Is characterized by smooth transmission, no noise; stroke can be adjusted Steplessly. But due to friction driven, slipping occurs, although you can play a role in security, but driving accuracy is not high. Applies to low speed for light duty applications.