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Ratchet Buckle Technology Products

Mar 23, 2017

1. ratchet wrench is to use rapid wrench ratchet mechanism principle. For example: Ratchet wrenches, ratcheting hex wrench.
2. industrial ratchet products. A manual screw elastic tool, single head, double adjustable handle ratchet wrench specifications (mounting hole). Is made up of the main clubs of different sizes and yin from the plum by articulated key key, and Yang Jian biting way connected. As a plum with two specifications of plum-shaped holes, so that it can be used in two sizes of screws loose, thereby expanding the scope of use, saving the costs of raw materials and work. Activities pull handle makes it easy to adjust the angle wrench. Wrench for screws tight operation, with strong applicability, ease of use and low cost characteristics.