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Ratchet Buckle Tooth Surface Tilt Angle Of

Mar 23, 2017

Ratchet tooth surface with radial lines between tilt angle α is called the tooth surface. Pawl pivot O1 and gear line of vertices a O1A with a point of the angle between the surface normal of NN beta called the axis of the pawl position angle. In drive ratchet pawls are always in the process of squeezing tooth surfaces slid to the tooth roots, should meet the normal reaction of the ratchet pawl n O1 shaft torque is greater than the frictional force Ff along the tooth surface) O1 shaft torque, n · O1Asinβ Ff· O1Acosβ Ff/N Tan β Since f = Tan ψ = Ff/N Tan βTan ψ Beta ψ And f respectively in pawl and ratchet tooth surface coefficient of friction and the friction angle between, f is 0.13 ~0.2 in General.