5/8 Inch Forged D Lifting Ring with Welding Plate for Lashing Handle

Heavy duty flat hook for using with 1” to 4” webbing. Hook has a defender which helps with webbing wear. Breaking strength ranges from 800kgs to 10000kgs. Surface treatment can be Galvanized or black electric surging.

Product Details
We embrace cutting-edge technology, based on quality, professional technology to provide customers with better Over Center Lashing Strap Buckle, Lashing S hook, S Hook. We fully understand the needs of the regional market, so we can provide suitable solutions for local and multinational manufacturers. We hope that our employees have the idea of co-existence and co-development with the enterprise and realize their personal value in the development of the enterprise. We will shoulder the trust of consumers, keep pace with the times and be bold in making progress. It is our company's consistent work style to not be arrogant or impatient, but be rigorous and practical.

Item code: DL075014

Ratchet tie down fitting metal hook  

Size: 50mm

A: 51mm

T: 3mm

R: 8mm

L: 49mm


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